Hotel & Restaurant Tailored Benefits

At CityPay, we provide cost effective, powerful solutions tailored specifically for the sector.

Our hotel and restaurant offering includes all our standard benefits, detailed overleaf, plus a whole range of benefits tailored specifically for the hotel market.

Pre-authorisation mode

  • At check-in a pre-authorisation transaction is performed and the details stored pending check-out.
  • At check-out the original transaction is retrieved and the check-out amount is converted at the current days DCC rate.
  • Check-out amount is compared to pre-authorisation amount (a tolerance is applied to reduce the requirement to generate another authorisation transaction).
  • Where the check-out amount is in excess of 15% of the pre-authorisation amount an authorisation is requested for the incremental amount of the transaction. Both approval codes are printed on the receipt.

Multi-currency and DCC

  • We process and settle transactions in a wide range of leading currencies, including Euro, US Dollars & Sterling to support businesses operating on an international scale.
  • We provide the leading Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) product, enabling you to offer your customers the comfort and convenience of conducting the transaction in their home currency. DCC provides your business with an entirely new source of income, as every month we will rebate a percentage of the foreign exchange conversion back to your business reducing your card acquiring charges and enabling retained investment in your business.

Signature line

Signature line provided on pre-auth receipt to facilitate Express Check-out. Reduces business liability and back office costs on potential chargebacks by obtaining the cardholder’s signature at check-in.

Shift reporting

Allows you to cash-up when you want and keep track of how much business has been fulfilled.

Free Format Field on receipts

You can programme your terminal to request specific details during the transaction that will be printed on the receipt. This reduces the time spent matching terminal receipts to your own system records and thus reduces customer query resolution time. For example you can record the booking reference on the on the customers receipt.

In addition to the benefits listed above, your business will also enjoy all the following benefits as standard

24 hour Customer Support

Our dedicated customer support representatives are available to meet your business needs any time of the day or night, all year round. We can also provide dedicated relationship managers for larger customers.

Selection of Base currencies

Flexibility today to enable you to take advantage of global banking options now and in the future.

Single messaging protocol

Card verification, Hot Card File checking, floor limit management and online financial authorisation in one simultaneous call using one protocol. Integrating with us means you don’t have to worry about multiple card scheme standards.

Customer name is printed on the receipt

This helps to reduce cashing-up time as the sales voucher can be quickly matched to the invoice.

Fraud Reduction

Reduce the exposure your business may have to fraudulent transactions through use of the most up-to-date fraud monitoring system. We set zero floor limits for all transactions, which means all transactions are on-line reducing the possibility of fraudulent transactions.

Multiple Network Protocols

Support for ISDN, PSTN, X25, GSM and IP communications protocols

This gives you the comfort of knowing that our system is compatible with most common standards meaning you probably won’t have to incur the additional expense of a new communication link.

Centralised Management

Central FX rate tables / BIN recognition tables and Hot Card File (HCF) management. The latest real-time fraud prevention techniques means potentially less administration due to reduced chargeback queries. Central management means increased customer throughput due to quicker terminal processing.

Supports terminal and Host-based Electronic Data Collection (EDC). Host based Electronic data collection gives you the peace of mind that all transactions are stored in our system and not in the terminal, thus reducing the risk of monetary loss should anything unforeseeable happen


  • Full suite of customised reconciliation and reporting tools
  • Reinforces your control and with DCC can uniquely add to your knowledge of your business market.

Terminal Based

State-of-the-art stand alone terminals from the world’s leading providers, offering you powerful yet cost effective point-of-sale solutions.


We have certified many of the leading providers of integrated solutions to the retail industry, including Flexicom, Checkline, Servebase, CBE and Commidea – and we are dedicated to helping you achieve certification.


processing facilities for transactions received by Mail or Telephone order.


Our eCommerce solutions offer secure, future proofed transaction processing.

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