Dynamic Currency Conversion

Particularly suited for the hospitality and tourism sector, Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) enables hoteliers, retailers, restauranteurs and other related businesses to offer their customers the facility of paying for goods and services in their home currency.

Our preferred product solution (FX-ePay), a leading European Dynamic Currency Conversion product, provides dynamic management of exchange rates so guaranteeing customers a competitive rate, with the comfort and convenience of conducting the transaction in their home currency. An additional benefit to Merchants from this solution is the additional income stream generated from the foreign exchange conversions.

Key benefits of DCC

  • Merchants receive monthly return revenue stream from DCC transactions
  • The world’s major global transactions currencies are available
  • Cardholders benefit from competitive exchange rates
  • Cardholders know the exact cost to them in their home currency and will not be subject to foreign fluctuations
  • Merchant is able to offer a value added service to customers
  • Secure IP Payment Gateway
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