Clover Virtual Terminal

Further information on the Clover Retail Solution


The Clover Virtual Terminal (VT) is used for processing Mail order and Telephone order (MOTO) transactions using the CityPay payment gateway in real time with AIBMS and First Data merchants.

The Clover VT provides Merchants with a card not present payment option through the Clover Station and Clover Mini.   Moreover, Merchants can download the standalone CityPay Mobile VT App from either the Apple store or Google Play store which can be activated using the same credentials as the Clover VT.   The CityPay VT is also available as a url link and therefore available through most browsers with an Internet connection to process card not present transactions as required. The Clover VT includes:

  • Real time online authorisation
  • No telephone line rental or call charges
  • No need to retain card details
  • Email and SMS customer receipts options
  • No need for external & dedicated MoTo terminal


Step 1- The below screen shows a number of payment options to settle the £15.00 order. Should the Merchant wish to take a telephone card payment they can select the tender type CityPay VT


Step 2 - Once the tender type icon CityPay VT has been pressed, the user is presented with the payment terminal screen to key in the card details to authorise the transaction.

Step 3 - Once all validation fields are populated and the Pay button pressed, CityPay will attempt to authorise the transaction through the Merchant's Acquiring bank and display the result.


Step 4 When authorisation has been received the user is then presented with the receipt page to complete, in this case we have chosen the electronic receipt as the cardholder is not present to collect the printed copy

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