RFA Complete

RFA Complete, includes RFA Secure  with the addition of a comprehensive suite of configurations

 Black Listing

Black listing ensures that a transaction is denied authorisation. Black lists include:

  • bin range (first 6 digits)
  • card number - this is commonly provided as a hot list of fraudulently used card numbers
  • country of origin - an access list providing the country of origin of the card is compared against a configured list of acceptable and non acceptable countries
  • ip address - an ip address that has been banned from processing

 White Listing

White listing is used to ensure that a transaction has the ability to process against an approved list. Examples include:

  • country of origin - for the card number, ip address or billing address
  • value matching - for example a delivery address must be the same as the billing address

 Grey Listing

The theory behind transaction grey listing is that the fraud module determines that a card may be fraudulent and should be referred for further manual scrutiny. Grey listing requires intervention and therefore is not a fully automated process.

As part of the grey listing processing, it is imperative that the merchant does not ship goods until the transaction has been completed. Failure to query the transaction and approve the transaction for settlement will result in no funds being provided to the merchant.

Transactions will be made to auto expire if the query is not dealt with in a period of time. As part of the auto expiration mechanism, a notice is sent to the merchant to advise that the transaction is due to auto expire and therefore must be confirmed before the due date.

 Geo Location Analysis

Transactions are analysed based on the translation of provided values against their geographic location. Location information can be found using the transaction parameters:

  • IP Address
  • BIN
  • Billing Address
  • Delivery Address
  • Domain of email address

A transaction may be denied by the fraud module based on white or black listed country locations. This is determined by a series of rules and conform as a serial list. As many countries may be wish to be listed, countries may be assigned to groups for easier management such as Western Europe, Asia Pacific etc.

 Velocity Tracking

Velocity pattern analysis is a fraud tool to measure the number of transactions with a given property over time. The analysis determines whether or not the card user is attempting to process multiple transactions to commit fraud either successfully or unsuccessfully.

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