Realtime Fraud Analysis



CityPay provide a comprehensive real time fraud prevention system to reduce chargebacks and maintain a safe shopping environment for both merchant and card holder. RFA Protect is our suite of anti-fraud protection which is free to all merchants.

For merchants with higher protection requirements we also offer RFA Secure and RFA Complete which provides 3-D Secure options and more advanced tools for the protection of card data. For added protected, the RFA complete provides further protection by analysing each transaction against a set of configurable rules including blacklisting, email address analysis, grey listing of transactions, value analysis, velocity tracking, geo location analysis.

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(CSC, CV2) Security Code Checking

AVS - Address and Postcode Verification

 Hi-grade encryption

 Default hot list checking

 Network and referral access lists

Network level protection (Injection, CSRF, XSS)

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Includes all of RFA Protect with the addition of

 3-D Secure Embedded MPI

RFA Secure is available for a small monthly fee and is recommended for small to medium sized businesses

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Includes all of RFA Secure with the addition of

 Black/Grey/White Listing

Velocity Analysis

Geo Location Analysis

*RFA Complete is currently in Beta and will be available soon. Please contact us for further details.



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