Merchant Control Panel

An online management facility is fundamental to the timely and accurate processing and monitoring of transactions. CityPay's online management facility is called the Merchant Panel (MCP). It assists our Merchants configure their Account, reconcile their transactions, search and report on transactions and perform manual payments and refunds using the V-Terminal.

Account Management

  • Add multiple users
  • Control user permissions
  • RFA Protect configuration for CVV2, AVS and Post Code verification
  • Account details and acquirer routing
  • Card Holder Accounts management


A variety of report styles, designed to meet different business specific requirements
  • Daily Statistics Report - Displays a daily count and daily totals
  • Merchant Acquirer Transaction Report - Displays a merchant transaction report, with options to filter by acquirer, for a specified period, or both
  • Transaction Report - Displays a merchant transaction report for a specified period
  • Summary Report - Displays a summary of transactions to date
  • Batch Report - Displays batches of information submitted for daily settlement
  • Transaction Search - Searches for a transaction, based on specified filters presented by the Merchant

Virtual Terminal (VT)

  • Enables processing of manual transactions through a browser over the Internet
  • Payments, Refunds, and Automatic Refunds for existing transactions are all possible
  • Available in a stand-alone or multi-user environment
  • With in-built real-time response, accepted or declined messages are received instantaneously
  • Both IT costs and physical space are saved, as this VT replaces the need to have physical terminals in a back office environment
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