CityPay API

CityPay offers merchants the ability to process payments from your server to our secure gateway using the HTTPS protocol.

Payments are authorised via a secure HTTP gateway allowing for transactions to be made in real time software hosted on your sever. As well as transacting payments for e-commerce transactions, payPOST is suited to back end office systems for data collection and immediate payment processing. 

PayPost API 5

Provides a HTTP Url Encoded API for direct payment processing

  • Fast Online Authorisation
  • Card holder remains on your site
  • Flexible integration options

Multi Channel Processing

PayPOST supports multiple channels of processing based on the ability to process different environments such as

  • Internet
  • Mail Order, Telephone Order
  • 3-D Secure
  • Pre-authorisation
  • Tokenisation
  • Card holder accounts


  • REST style HTTP API
  • Example code in PHP, Java, C#
  • Data response as XML or JSON
  • Integrated authentication with 3-D Secure

PayPOST API Documentation



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