Payment Gateway Services

CityPay offers secure and resilient cloud based services for modern transaction processing requirements including Internet, Moto, card present and continuous authority. The gateway is integrated with major  UK and European banks

Payments API

CityPay offer payments APIs for integrating your payment infrastructure whether a point of sale or backend database.

Security First

CityPay is a PCI-DSS Level 1 payment service provider and use high grade modern day cryptography to ensure sensitive data is protected at all levels of your transaction

Account Management

Our infrastructure allows you to aggregate your accounts into a simple management process providing all the tools for reporting and compliance


CityPay API

CityPay offers merchants the ability to process payments from your server to our secure gateway using the HTTPS protocol.


Card Holder Accounts

CityPay offer a Card Holder Account solution which provides the ability to store and create linked accounts for transactions. This style of processing is a contemporary payment method which helps to streamline the checkout process for both merchant and card holder.


IVR Payment Solutions

CityPay offer an Interactive Voice Recognition payment service (IVR) which delivers an automated voice platform for telephone order payments. The service is hosted on your behalf within a global cloud platform providing resilience and scalability. 


Merchant Control Panel

An online management facility is fundamental to the timely and accurate processing and monitoring of transactions. CityPay's online management facility is called the Merchant Panel (MCP). It assists our Merchants configure their Account, reconcile their transactions, search and report on transactions and perform manual payments and refunds using the V-Terminal.

Paylink Hosted Form

Paylink is a fast, flexible secure and easy to use online payment form system. Paylink makes online e-commerce safer by handling the card payment process direct with the card holder and the processing bank.

Realtime Fraud Analysis

CityPay provide a comprehensive real time fraud prevention system to reduce chargebacks and maintain a safe shopping environment for both merchant and card holder. RFA Protect is our suite of anti-fraud protection which is free to all merchants.


Schedule and Batch Payments

CityPay's Schedule and Batch Processing solution enables a Merchant to submit batch payments for secure processing.


Virtual Terminal Solutions

The virtual terminal allows a user to connect to a secure web form where manual transactions can be processed through a web browser, smart phone or tablet. The terminal can be used for standalone or multi user environments. Transaction are authorised and validated in real time with response messages received within seconds. Space and cost savings are assured as the VT replaces the need for physical terminals.

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