Paylink-v3 Paylink 3 Branding Guide

Paylink's engine works by a series of renderers which determine how the page is finally rendered to the user. We have a primary form for use called 'main' which is also the default form. This form uses Cascading Style Sheets and JavaScript (with JQuery) for rendering of the main elements of the form and for functionality. Our CSS implementation is based on Twitter's Bootstrap Version 3. The implementation has been restricted to core uses within Paylink to limit download speed.

CityPay allows the Merchant to customise the appearance of the main Payment Form by supplying a cascading style sheet ("CSS") for the Transaction using the Token Request. Accordingly, a Merchant Applicant can be customised generally, or for specific Transactions. To enable a customer style sheet, specify the merch_branding parameter set to the URL of an appropriate style sheet.

A custom style sheet is situated after the main Paylink CSS file allowing for extensive control of the payment page.

The implementation of Paylink is subject to change from time to time to enhance functionality or in response to external requirements. The Company cannot accept responsibility for the appearance or function of the Merchant Application in the event of such changes being made. Wherever possible the Company will adhere to the specification provided; and shall announce any anticipated changes to the specification as appropriate.

Unfortunately CityPay does not yet host the style sheet or images on your behalf however there is limitation on hosting the style sheet on your website along with any images referenced for example by using background-image('your url'). Style sheets should be hosted on a secure server to prevent browsers notifying the user that non secured content is loaded. 

CSS Reference


CSS Class or ID



Section provides the card scheme logos for view. The logos are required to be presented on a white background to be in line with the card scheme marketing and branding guidelines


The main body of the application which contains text for help pages or the web form for the payment application. This section contains information regarding the transaction being processed or information responding back on the progress to the merchant.


The footer of the page which contains copyright information about the page and support information. The area may have an image set in the background.

div#paylinkForm The main form entry for Paylink


A header section which may contain background images or logos.

div#paylinkMenu The menu area for links to information about the page.


The main page division which identifies the complete Paylink page. The Paylink page wraps all Paylink content.

div#paylinkPayInfo Area which is designated to information regarding the payment
div#productDescription Contains a description on the payment that is being performed



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