Paylink-v3 Advanced Paylink Topics

Paylink also supports 

  1. Surcharging Support in Paylink
  2. Cardholder Account Functionality in Paylink

  3. Pre-Authorisation Support in Paylink

QR Codes

Paylink 3 allows integrators to forward the Url to the user as a generated qr-code. Once the token has been successfully created, the url format returned is where mid is an encoded version of your processing merchant account and token is a randomised string unique to your merchant account. To access a QR code, simply take the url and append /qrcode.png after the token. It will also create a gif image if required by appending /qrcode.gif.

The QR-code Api has some additional functions which can be ammended by using http query string parameters. This allows you to control the size and format of the barcode.

Parameter Data Type Default Description
type string qrcode

Specifies the type of barcode to produce. As we are encoding Urls we only support the following types

  • qrcode
  • datamatrix
h int 256 Specifies the height of the image generated a minimum of 32 pixels up to a maximum of 512 pixels
w int 256 Specifies the width of the image generated a minimum of 32 pixels up to a maximum of 512 pixels


QR Codes can be used for printed material such as invoices or advertising material as well as emails and electronic marketing. This allows for payments to be accessible from more products not just your website.


In regards to security of the QRCode, the token generated is considered an offer for a card holder to take payment. No card data or sensitive information is linked to this QR code. Should multiple users link to Paylink 3 via the code, they will both have independent access to Paylink.  

Setting Up

When creating a Paylink token, you are able to specify an expiry time in seconds. It is recommended to setup a long period of time i.e. 30 days in which the customer has the ability to pay. Paylink will notify a specified post back Url when either the customer has paid for the goods or the transaction has timed out. Should the transaction time out and the customer then attempt to pay, the transaction will display on screen as expired. 

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