Paylink-v2 Configuration and Deployment

Activating your account

To set your account live, please login to your merchant control panel and select the activate icon displayed for the required merchant id. This will inform CityPay support that you wish to go live who will then contact you to confirm that the account is made live.

Restricting the referrer

CityPay restricts users arriving at Paylink to be restricted by the HTTP referrer header value. The referrer header is provided as part of the HTTP/1.1 specifications so all conforming browsers should forward this information. Should no referrer information be presented such as the case of a direct request to Paylink, the application will display that an invalid request was requested (Error code P007).

The referral page should be submitted to CityPay for configuration. (This will shortly be configurable in your merchant panel). Please note that a global referrer may be provided such that if you expect transactions to come from multiple parts of your site, you may configure Paylink to accept all from a given host and directory. Such that all transactions are to be configured from and may simply provide to globally allow a request.

Please note that multiple URLs may be supplied

Please note that the referrer is not intended to be a secure mechanism that trusts where the transaction originated from as the referrer information may be easily forged. It is however a simple process to help reduce misconfiguration and produce a listing of systems configured to your Paylink configuration.

For the purpose of testing, an internal or local host address may also be supplied however this will restrict tests to your development area only.

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