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Apple Pay

Apple Pay  is a revolutionary purchasing experience for iOS. It is currently available for US and UK customers charging USD and GBP on supported iOS devices such as the iPhone 6. This guide explains how to process Apple Pay transactions with CityPay.


CityPay Rest API

The CityPay API is a RESTful payment API used for server to server transactional processing.  Full documentation and Client SDK's are available from CityPay API 


Error Codes Reference

When processing a transaction through the CityPay APIs an error code value is returned indicating the result of processing the transaction. Each error code combines a code, an error message and error id parameter.



The Paylink Payment Gateway API allows remote applications to process payments through the CityPay payment gateway servers using a secure hosted payment form that allows card holders to process card transactions for a merchant e-commerce store.


Testing Best Practices

CItyPay offer a test facility for client testing and integration development. The test gateway allows you to process a transaction through our servers and route the subsequent transaction through a test host.

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