Paylink Hosted Form

For integration of e-commerce systems, Paylink provides a reliable hosted payment system that does not require the merchant to setup secure forms or secure servers for handling payment requests. Merchants can easily use their existing e-commerce system/store and Merchants can simply forward a token of data for processing and the Paylink system will communicate direct to your customers. The Paylink system will forward a response from the completed payment for your systems to deal with accordingly.

Paylink is a fast, secure and easy to use online payment form system. Paylink makes online e-commerce safer by handling the card payment process direct with the card holder and the processing bank.

Features and Benefits 

  • Paylink provides a simple and effective way of connecting your e-commerce store with CityPay
  • Payment processing is handled by CityPay's secure infrastructure adding security and confidence to your shoppers
  • Paylink responds back to your systems in easy to integrate methods so you may know instantly what the result of a transaction is
  • 3D-Secure is available within the application by default via  RFA Secure

Merchant Benefits 

  • PCI-DSS assessment is made vastly easier as all sensitive transaction data exists on the CityPay servers
  • PCI Level 1 accredited provider
  • Brandable
  • Integrated fraud checking including AVS, CSC, 3-D Secure
  • Advanced fraud checking capable using real time forensics
  • Surcharging facility. Automatically add a percentage or fixed fee based on the card type. 


  • No advanced development skills required to integrate for the basic integration
  • Web standards including HTML 5, CSS3, XML and JSON
  • Customisation may be performed on the secure payment form providing a look and feel to link with your site.
  • Tokenised AES encryption option
  • Targets multiple devices including smart phones, tablets and desktops
  • Penetration tested as part of accreditation programme

Paylink API Documentation

Shopping Cart Integration Example

  1. The shopper chooses the items to purchase on your website and populates the items into a shopping basket 
  2. The shopper chooses to pay using a credit card and the shopping cart sends a HTTPS call to Paylink to begin the payment session
  3. The shopper's browser is forwarded by the shopping cart to Paylink to begin the payment process
  4. The shopper is presented with a choice of cards to pay with and then completes the secure online payment form. The form is validated using both JavaScript and server side validation. Any surcharging may be applied at this point.
  5. The transaction is submitted for processing, passing through validation including 3d secure authentication, fraud checking and then on to the acquiring bank.
  6. Authorisation is obtained from the bank and entered into the CityPay database for subsequent settlement and reporting. Where CSC and AVS matching is required the transaction result is checked and accepted or declined based on the outcome.
  7. The result is displayed to the shopper. If rejected or declined, an option to reprocess is enabled using a different card or amending the details.
  8. The result is returned to the merchant by returning the browser to the merchant's site. At this stage a HTTP "postback" to a Merchant URL is also performed and an email notification is sent to the merchant email address supplied with the request.

Merchants who are looking for an easy to use 3d secure enabled payment system will find that there is no additional integration required to use 3d secure as RFA Secure is seamlessly integrated into the Paylink application.