Card Holder Accounts

CityPay offer a Card Holder Account solution which provides the ability to store and create wallet style accounts for any transactions processed through your account. This style of processing is a contemporary payment method which helps to streamline the checkout process for both merchant and card holder.

Because data is stored in our PCI Level 1 accredited network, you are able to authorise transactions using a token based process without handling card data. This effectively removes your application from PCI PA-DSS requirements.

Features and Benefits

  • reprocess using the  Merchant Control Panel  and 
  • reprocess through the  PayPOST  API
  • repeat billing using  Batch Payments
  • account topups
  • faster checkout
  • simplification of processing
  • linkage of processing data
  • previously validated and authorised customer base

Account Management

Accounts are able to be created using a merchant generated identifier linking processing data to your customer database. Accounts can be automatically created when a new transaction is submitted for processing.

Accounts may be managed by

  • an API (CHARMS); or
  • Managed through the Merchant Control Panel.