Batch Payments

CityPay's Batch Processing solution enables a Merchant to submit a secure payment file for processing over the Internet. Sensitive card information is stored on our servers whilst a token is provided to manage the account that wishes to be charged.

Batches are linked with  Card Holder Accounts which prevents any localised data storage of card numbers. 

The benefits of batch processing:

  • Enable a Merchant to accept orders online without the time delay for a real-time authorisation, so improving the customer experience on their website
  • No need to purchase and manage accredited processing software
  • Ability to export authorised and declined transactions electronically for action as required
  • Merchants can support and control subscription and instalment payments
  • Transaction data is stored in a PCI compliant environment
  • Merchant controlled batches ensure control of dynamic payment amounts
  • Transaction reporting and search capability is provided
  • Payment notification triggering (i.e. email), for both Merchant and customer is available