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Q. How do I change what appears in the cardholder credit card statement?

The narrative that appears on the cardholders' statement is controlled by your acquirer (Bank). If you need to change this, you will need to contact your Acquiring bank direct and ask them to make the appropriate changes.


Q. Does CityPay check for duplicate transactions?

Yes, CityPay checks each transaction as it arrives for processing against previously processed transactions with the aim of preventing duplicate transactions. Each MID is configured with a duplicate checking window during which duplicate transactions are rejected if all the properties of a transaction are the same. The duplicate checker analyses the internal properties of a transaction including the card, merchant ID, identifier, amount, AVS details, and remote address. If a transaction request results in a communications problem or a configuration problem, the transaction is cleared from the duplicate list to allow consequent transactions through.


Q. How long is a duplicate transaction checked for?

Checking for an individual duplicate transaction will time out once a previously configured period has elapsed. After this period a duplicate transaction will be allowed to process. This setting can be configured per merchant account with the default set to 5 mins. Should you wish to change this setting please contact CityPay Support who will arrange this on your behalf. The timeout period can be set from 5 mins to 2880 mins (2 days).


Q. How do I prevent a transaction from being picked up by the duplicate checker?

By changing one of the properties of the transaction, the duplicate checker will allow the transaction through. Such as an amendment to the identifier or processing from a different IP.


Q. Can I disable duplicate checking?

You may disable duplicate checking entirely against your merchant account. Contact CityPay to perform this or to reduce the timeout period.


Q. I am getting the error "T006 Transaction Error:3D Secure Authentication Required", what does this mean?

A T006 error is returned when a transaction has not been fully 3D secure authenticated.Merchants deploy 3D Secure authentication to try and prevent online fraud.

3-D Secure is a protocol used as an added layer of security for online credit and debit card transactions. It was developed by Visa to improve the security of Internet payments and offered to customers as the Verified by Visa service. Services based on the protocol have also been adopted by Mastercard, under the name MasterCard SecureCode. 3-D Secure should not be confused with the Card Security Code (CV2, CSC) which is a short numeric code that is printed on the back of the card.

If you have not registered your card for 3D Secure your bank should prompt you to enroll online when you are trying to make a payment through a merchant that support 3D Secure. After enrollment you would be issued with a password which you could use for future online transactions. If you're not invited to enroll by your bank, please contact them for assistance.

If your card is enrolled for 3D Secure and attempts are being made to authenticate this card. You will need to contact your card issuing bank for them to confirm why authentication is not being completed.

Q. What does error message 090 mean?

Error Code 090 means that the transaction has been declined by your bank. We are not informed as to the reason and you will need to contact your card issuing bank for confirmation as to the reason.


Q. What does error message 096 mean?

Error code 096 means the postcode does not match. This means that the postcode that is being entered does not match the one stored by the card issuing bank. You will need to contact your card issuing bank and verify the postcode they have stored. (this is entered manually at the bank and can be subject to human error) or alternatively use the postcode that is on the bank statement for that card.

International postcodes can not always be handled by acquiring banks and the response will therefore also be declined.

Ireland does not have any postcodes so if you supply AB in the PostCode field this normally resolves the issue.


Q. Why have you declined my transaction when my bank has confirmed that its been authorised?

Merchants can add additional levels of security to their accounts and when a bank authorises a transaction they will also respond back with additional details with regards the CV2, AVS Address and AVS PostCode matching. Depending on the settings on the merchant's account these authorised responses can then be either marked as accepted or declined. If a transaction is marked as decline then our systems sends back a cancel instruction to the bank to cancel the authorisation code. In these circumstances no funds will be deducted from your account but your bank may not have acted on our cancellation instruction and have these funds marked as pending payments. You will need to contact your card issuing bank if you want clarification that these funds have not actually been deducted and for them to be released.

Q. When being directed to the Verified by Visa or MasterCard Secure I am presented with a blank box/screen?

Either your Browser options, network firewall or your local machine is filtering out the iframe which embeds the 3DS page. To confirm this please got to http://www.citypay.com/support/iframe-test.html which will either show “I have been loaded by an iframe”, “Your browser cannot show iframes” or a blank screen. If possible please also let us have the html source of this (Ctrl-U) which would also be useful if it is filtered by a firewall.

Q. My card details are being retained on your payment page how can I stop this?

It is your web browser that is retaining your details not CityPay. This can be prevented using the following instruction for your browser.

    • Internet Explorer.

Tools - Internet options - general tab go to the Browsing History section - Delete button - enable Form Data - Delete - Apply.

    • Firefox 

Tools - Options - Privacy - Use custom Settings for history - un-tick remember search and form history - ok.

    • Chrome

Spanner Icon - Options - Personal Stuff - Autofill  Options - un-tick the box the Enable fill - Close



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