CityPay Branding Guidelines

General Requirements

There are multiple views of the logo and symbol. The angled symbol is used in line with the type of the logo. The front view symbol is used as a standalone icon.

Always surround the logo with sufficient free space based on x where x is the width of the C of CityPay for the logo and type and x is the width of the symbol

Always reproduce the logo at a size that is clear and legible (depending on screen/print resolution)

Always provide sufficient contrast with the background against which the logo appears

When referencing CityPay in text always use an uppercase "C" and uppercase "P" with no space between City and Pay
A shadow can be added to the logo under the symbol

Colour Specifications

CityPay Blue #02283F RGB 00/40/63 CMYK 100/78/48/52
CityPay Yellow #CCCB30 RGB 204/203/48 CMYK 24/10/99/0
CityPay Key Hole #333333 RGB 51/51/51 CMYK 69/63/62/58

CityPay Logo Files

Base-250 png Base-180 png Base-125 png
Full Colour



Card Scheme Logos

Base-250 png Base-125 png Large Medium Small
American Express






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